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Now offering the UK’s only Saliva-swab based Covid-19 Test.

Uniquely detects the Spike surface protein, therefore only identifies

Know Now Covid-19 Antigen Test

Our unique Professional Covid Antigen Test, is the only TRUE INFECTIVITY Test - Manufactured & Certified in UK. 

It is an easy to use saliva test and will give a result within 10 minutes. Suitable for children and vulnerable people.

No more invasive up the nose and down the throat swabs.

The test detects the live spike protein in the virus the day before a person becomes infectious to other people.

As the test has been developed solely in the UK, it is fully optimised to recognise all the new mutant variants of Covid-19 and is mutation resistent.

The surface of the virus is covered in spikes, which is why the Know Now test is so sensitive, because it has much more opportunity to detect them. The spike is only present on live virus, so the test will give a true negative result when someone is no longer infectious

  • Suitable for Vulnerable People and Children

  • Simple saliva Test - Results in 10 minutes

  • Detects the virus the day before you become infectious

  • No False Positives

  • Mutation Resistant

  • Covers Both Symptomatic  & Asymptomatic People

  • Gives true results -  99.9% specificity 

  • Fully Developed and Manufactured in UK

The only TRUE INFECTIVITY Test - Know in real time

Detects The Virus The Day Before You Become Infectious To Others


Now Supplying UK's first CE Marked Antigen Saliva Test & CE Marked Antibody Self Test

Find out in real time if you have the Covid-19 virus, results in 10 minutes.

Find out if you have developed the antibodies for Covid-19

Know Now Antigen Test Video

Self Antibody Test Video

Covid -19 Antibody Self Test is Europe's First CE marked true self test that detects neutralising antibodies

made as a consequence of either recovery from SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) infection or as an immune response

to Covid vaccination. It does not confirm current infection.

Why Test for Antibodies

When a person has recovered from COVID-19 infection or has received COVID-19 vaccination, their body can produce antibodies that can offer protection from COVID-19 infection as they block the spike on the outside of the virus

from being able to enter and infect cells.

  • Suitable for testing for neutralising IgG antibodies from 14 days post infection or vaccination

  • Knowledge around immunity is still developing and there is evidence that COVID-19 antibodies decline over

      a period of time

  • The only way to detect the presence of IgG antibodies is by regular testing

  • Routine testing is recommended

It is important to have this checked if you have had the Virus or after you have had the Vaccine.

Our igG Antibody Test was developed alongside the Vaccine and will determine whether you have the
Antibody in your system.


Simple to use, results in 20 mins.The test tells you if you have generated antibodies that give you protection from either previous infection or an immune response to vaccination.

Suitable for use from 14 days after infection or 2nd vaccination.

Fully developed & manufactured in the UK.