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Circle Family Planning (carrier screening) can determine whether or not you or your partner carry inherited genetic mutations that you might pass on to an unborn child. Knowing this information before you get pregnant, or early in your pregnancy, can make a difference in your family’s well-being.

Your DNA Contains Two copies of every gene – one inherited from your mum and one from your dad. These genes pass along family characteristics like hair and eye colour. They also sometimes pass on inherited conditions.

Most people carry at least one pathogenic mutation in a gene included in our Family Planning Screen. This usually only becomes an issue if both you and your partner have a pathogenic mutation in one copy of the same gene. When this happens, even though neither of you have any symptoms, there is a 1 in 4 chance for each pregnancy that your child will be affected by the condition associated with the gene. With this information, your healthcare provider can give you actionable steps you can take to prevent your child from having the condition.

Circle family planning is designed for those who are thinking of starting a family or are pregnant.

Find out if you and your partner carry inherited conditions that may be passed on to your unborn child.


What Tests are in my report?

38 Conditions associated with increased risk neonatal & early childhood death.​

116 conditions shown to shorten lifespan childhood death.

71 conditions carrying significant risk for intellectual disability.

By discovering your unborn child’s health risk, you may take early actions for prevention.

Doing your test is simple, order online, your order will arrive in the post, follow the instructions and put your sample into our pre-paid packaging and send back. Once your report is ready we will sent this to you. Couldn’t be easier.

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