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DNA Health Test

Your life is a story spelled out with your DNA. The most interesting facts that uniquely belong to you are wrapped up in the strands of your genes. So, if you could rewrite your story – what would it say?

Circle Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) is the ultimate way to care for your future self by giving you a

wealth of information that allows you to alter what might have been your genetic destiny.

Our team of scientists will carefully analyse your saliva sample at our internationally accredited laboratory to bring you a living analysis of your DNA. In your report, you will discover insights into the incredible story of your genome, your health, traits and needs. Armed with this information, you will have the power to live a healthier, longer and happier life.


Are you ready to kickstart your journey and empower yourself with valuable and actioned health and wellness insights so that can make better choices.

What reports are in my test?

Diet  - 15 reports

Cancer Screening - 36 reports

Common Health Risks - 8 reports

Disease Risks - 65 Reports


Dementia and Brain Health


Doing your test is simple, order online, your order will arrive in the post, follow the instructions and put your sample into our pre-paid packaging and send back. Once your report is ready we will sent this to you. Couldn’t be easier.


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