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  • Exclusive partnership between Mediplus Solutions, BioSure and PocDoc to create UK’s first end to end Professional testing solution

  • The app allows us to offer a complete solution for passengers, customers & employees:

  • Education – the app can explain your test and your result and what it means in visual format

  • Detailed Reporting and Traceability - Full traceability of anonymised results. Detailed reports can be provided to employers, event organisers etc.

  • ID and Access Control - Digital app can securely connect test result with the specific person/ticket to provide or block access. PDF ‘certificate’ of result is available to download

  • The only app designed to be used with BioSURE Self Tests – antibody and antigen

  • The app captures image of each test result for full traceability

  • Can be used on Tablet or Smartphone, Android or iOS

  • App developed by Vital Signs Solutions who own the PocDoc® digital platform

  • No additional cost to partner for use unless major modifications required

BioSure & PocDoc

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