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Antigen Test

Our unique Professional Covid Antigen Test, is entirely UK developed and manufactured and has UK CE certification. It is an easy saliva test and will give a result within 10 - 15 mins.

All tests have been independently validated for their accuracy which means it will identify those who currently have the virus and provide results in real time. The test can detect the live spike protein in the virus day before a person becomes infectious,

The test will show a positive result the day prior to becoming infectious to other people. Because the test has been developed solely in the UK, our developer has had access to the new strain of the virus for a number of months and our test is fully optimised to recognise this new variant.


Our igG Antibody Test was developed alongside the Vaccine and will determine whether you have the Antibody in your system. It is important to have this checked if you have had the Virus or after you have had the Vaccine.

Antibody Test

Why Use a Professional Rapid Testing Solution?

Rapid Antigen testing is the quickest and easiest most cost effective way to determine who does or does not have the the Virus.

Together with the PocDoc app, it is the next step in opening society back up in a Covid -safe way.

Our App

Our provides the complete solution for workplace Professional testing - the test, the staff and the PocDoc App

The test results in 10 - 15 minutes can be integrated into the work flow of any workplace seamlessly.

Saliva Antigen Testing explained

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