Covid-19 Antibody Self Test 

Covid -19 Antibody Self Test is Europe's First CE marked true self test that detects neutralising antibodies

made as a consequence of either recovery from SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) infection or as an immune response

to Covid vaccination. It does not confirm current infection.

Why Test for Antibodies

When a person has recovered from COVID-19 infection or has received COVID-19 vaccination, their body can produce antibodies that can offer protection from COVID-19 infection as they block the spike on the outside of the virus from being able to enter and infect cells.

  • Suitable for testing for neutralising IgG antibodies from 14 days post infection or vaccination

  • Knowledge around immunity is still developing and there is evidence that COVID-19 antibodies decline over a period of time

  • The only way to detect the presence if IgG antibodies is by regular testing

  • Routine testing is recommended

  • Requires only a fraction of a drop of blood.

  • Results in just 20 minutes.

  • In-built true sample control line that will only appear if sufficient blood is applied to the test.  

  • 98.03% sensitivity and 99.56% specificity.

  • CE Marked by independent Notified Body specifically for self testing.

  • Developed and manufactured in the UK.

  • Clear and simple instructions.

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